Franchisee Testimonials

OpenWorks Franchise Testimonials

“I would like to express gratitude on behalf of myself, my partners, and crew for all of the help and support that the operations department at OpenWorks has provided while I have been a franchisee. OpenWorks has provided a great training program on which I have been able to establish my business and customer service. I look forward to growing my business with OpenWorks and working together to provide the best service in the industry.”
David Lopez — Franchisee since 2002

“OpenWorks took away the hassles and left me with a business that’s much easier to manage. I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel. I focus on my day-to-day operations and employees and let OpenWorks handle new account sales, invoicing and collections.”
Mark Dvornski — Franchisee since 1996

The OpenWorks operations team is dedicated and focuses on striving to maintain a very high level of quality for the customers and the franchisees. They always give helpful advice to improve on this quality of service and they help to coordinate the customer’s and the franchisee’s needs to maintain optimum satisfaction for both parties.  The team’s experience offers a wealth of knowledge and skills to the franchisees.  I consider all of the operations department a part of my team because they are one of the main keys to my success.
Amina Redd — Franchisee since 1998

“I was able to rely on OpenWorks to supply me with customers from the get-go. This has been a huge help because it has kept me from being distracted by any direct sales efforts. So, my time is spent on the business, not on looking for customers.”
Keith Estes — Franchisee since 1990

OpenWorks has been very important in making our business a successful one.  When we first purchased our franchise, we really were not too sure of what we were getting into.  We had never had, nor seen, this type of business.  With OpenWorks help and training, we were not only able to understand the business, but we were also able to grow our business and become more profitable.  There has always been someone available to talk with when we have problems or concerns and the ongoing training has been very helpful.  The OpenWorks staff seems to be able to always keep the franchisee, as well as keep the customer, in mind at all times.
Diane Schmitz — Franchisee since 1996

“I’ve been in the business for fifteen years. I know it inside and out. Ironically, I wasn’t able to see significant growth until I used OpenWorks’ systems and business philosophy. They focused on my business objectives — which is something I wasn’t able to do on my own.”
Chris Jones — Franchisee since 1998

“Before becoming an OpenWorks franchisee, I was a Senior Executive for a very large private corporation. Making the decision to own my own business re-energized my life. During my investigation of opportunities, OpenWorks was presented as a professional, forward-thinking company with many talented employees. Their desire to seek and support franchisees with a business background and a desire to grow and become successful with OpenWorks fit perfectly with my ambitions to become very large and prosperous in the commercial cleaning service industry. I was impressed by OpenWorks’ level of support and training and their commitment to provide accounts and opportunities to grow rapidly. OpenWorks is a company dedicated to superior customer service and this focus is apparent at all levels. They have lived up to every commitment made. The commercial cleaning business is not glamorous, but it has great opportunities for the entrepreneur who is willing to work. OpenWorks is an outstanding partner. I highly recommend them to anyone.”
W. Kenneth Chaffee – Franchisee since 2000

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