Conversion Opportunities

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For most mid-sized companies in this industry, an outstanding opportunity exists for expansion via franchising. A partnership with OpenWorks offers the resources and know-how to effectively turn your operation into a franchise system and allow realization of immediate cash influxes.

Conversion Benefits: A Better Way of Doing Business

OpenWorks’ franchise conversion program offers the best of both worlds. Owners not only get to maintain their autonomy, but they also enjoy all the benefits of a franchise operation. These are some of the many benefits to joining a franchise system:

  • Increase number of revenue streams – In addition to your current sources, franchising offers the ability to add initial franchise fees, marketing fees, and royalty fees to your revenue streams.
  • Dramatically increase overall value – Your business becomes worth more on the open market as you have guaranteed annuity stream payments from your franchisees.
  • A proven system for growing the business – Continue to grow your business with cleaning accounts, as well as adding unit franchises to your portfolio. Also, reap the benefits of additional services that bring added value such as terminal cleans, pressure washing, and landscaping.
  • Branding and expertise – Add instant credibility to all your larger account bids with access to all our marketing and advertising materials, public relations, and network of peers and vendors.
  • Reduce overhead as you grow – As you add customers you reduce payroll expense by the same ratio.
  • Increased customer retention rates – Because the people providing the cleaning services are owners, not employees, you will see an increase in quality of service. This leads to higher customer retention. OpenWorks’ average for account retention is 98%.
  • Definitive exit strategy, maximizing owner compensation – Whether you plan to retire in the next few years or in a few decades, your business is worth far more as part of a franchise system than as an independent business.
  • Computer systems and infrastructure – OpenWorks has spent over 30 years compiling the most advanced, easy to use infrastructure and fully integrated software systems.

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